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i love the passionfruit

a monologue of a thousand voices

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we're nerds, and we're proud of it!

it doesn't matter if you're from saratoga, lancaster, carlisle, baltimore, clinton, schenectady, los angeles, loudonville, that crazy hawaiian site, cty ireland ... this is a community for ctyers of all shapes and sizes.

you may be too old ever to return to cty, but keep this in mind: once a ctyer, always a ctyer. whether you are an ra, ta, instructor, student, or any other type of ctyer, come on in, as long as you have the spirit of a ctyer. The community guidelines are loose, flexible, and CTYish, but give them a skim before you post for the first time anyway.

if you are a member of this community and you see something you'd like added to the bio, interests, or memories of this community, just contact sangwich or violetshade.

also, please take this poll, whose results are here.

i like you; i love you; i cty you.
and i love the passionfruit.

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