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Despite the fact that I'm hanging out with someone I technically know from CTY, and that I run into people I originally met there roughly once a week, I've pretty much gotten to the point where I don't sit around thinking of CTY all the time. I mean, I still recognize the deep effect it had on me and wouldn't trade those memories for anything, but it's no longer a regularly recurring thought.

But tonight it came up in conversation with someone, and in an attempt to explain it I went digging around the internet for the sorts of explaining-the-CTY-experience essays you just don't find on, and I ended up discovering that at least one thing I did on a whim turned into a tradition that's still running over a decade later.

The world's an interesting place, and documentation makes it all the more so.
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First Weekend schedule, CAR 04.2

I've been cleaning out my room lately, and in the process keep stumbling on scattered caches of relics from CTY. Among them: this first-weekend schedule, brought home from Dickinson College, second session 2004.

Wish I had salvaged more schedules over the years. These things are works of art, sprinkled with just the right amount of in-jokes.

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Well, I'm new and I just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Kettugen, my squirrel year was this summer ('10) I went to LAN.INCW.02 and I'll be a nomore in '12.
I already miss everyone at CTY, and I got back like, 4 days ago! Sadness.
Lancaster campus is the best campus anywhere. Why? The traditions. The parties. The raves. It's just not going to be the same with so many of this years alpha kids nomore-ing out, though. But I got to see the Last Supper (choosing of the New Jesus) and Passionfruit-which was AMAZING and sad and I was really really really sad and crying at the end. . . 
I saw the position of Satan being restored, so now Erik will be in the circle for American Pie! :D He got these awesome heels, too!
I missed the Passing of the Duck, and the Monk March though, because I was so happy about Prop 8. Lancaster has GLOW too, which is awesome. It's just all around awesome, and PCTYD has hit me hard. :(
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Mud Cult

The news post that asked about epic water-related stories reminded me of this.

CLN '95. Can't remember whether it was 1 or 2. One Saturday morning, it was pouring down rain, and there were all these glorious, glorious mud puddles. So some of us started a mudfight. One of the RAs eventually came along and told us to quit throwing mud. So we started dumping mud on each other, and smearing it. Then he came back and told us that actually we should just get out of the mud puddles entirely, it was too far out of bounds. So we moved to the volleyball court and did a mud dance. It was lovely, even though my shorts were so soggy that they started to fall down. It wouldn't have mattered, because I had a bathing suit on, but it was a bit embarrassing. I was holding up my shorts with one hand instead of joining hands with everybody.

Then they wouldn't let us in to the cafeteria while we were all over mud! We thought about holding a hunger strike, but we were too hungry, so we all went and got showered (and dressed).
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five years gone

i still get a twinge in my chest during the summer. it's not bad. it's just remembering everything that i learned and everything i experienced at CTY.

i still can't articulate to any of my friends what CTY means to me.

tomorrow's the last day of session one. so tonight. . .

i'm blasting 'american pie' from my car.

i like you, i love you, i CTY you.

- jess

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WOW! =)

 Hi, I'm Mia. I just joined so i figured I'd share a tid-bit. I'm 16 and currently enrolled in a JHU CTY course. Pre-calculus and Trig. haha. It actually amazes me the things found on LJ. I look up "dancing" hoping for a community to help me with my ballet and find one for my school! =) I was reading through your posts and it seems like you guys have a lot of fun. Hope you can help me out if I get stuck  in Math. 
 ♥, Mia.